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mag clear lens.png
mag clear lens2.png
materials used:
  • one old lens from pair of glasses (shoutout to tinkertopia!)
  • epoxy resin
  • old expired eyeshadow
  • magnet
i made this cool magnet using mostly recycled/repurposed materials. it took me longer to make than i care to admit but it was worth it! i applied the resin in layers using a tiny silicon tool. i would make a few dots, then put it under the UV light to cure, before doing more - this created a cool layered effect i was experimenting with for a bit, almost giving the impression of glass art. Chihuly-esque, if i can say that??? 
anyways i hope its cool to look at!
wish it was easier to take a photo of it but it is very tiny. 
you can buy this lil thing at my next event! if it doesn't sell i will eventually put it up online for sale.
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