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i love little things. found objects, clutter, garbage and scraps are a big part of the things that i draw inspiration from. i think i notice some curious and wonderful things when i hyperfocus on the mundane. my junk drawers are filled with all kinds of junk that ill eventually get back to and ive dedicated many of plastic containers filled with more junk that will one day maybe be made into stuff.

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cars are full of stuff. garbage is used masks and food wrappers and empty cans thrown carelessly to the backseat. lucky charms are kept in secret compartments - pills for headaches, pack of gum, lighter, flashlight, maybe an extra jacket just in case.

my bedroom floor is littered with dirty laundry, markers and pens, forgotten doodles on scrap paper and little pom poms and furry mice for my cat to enjoy. she likes the texture of thin gift-wrapping-style tissue paper and flops her heavy body onto it contentedly. it really just gets her so excited and happy and so i have to keep them there for her.

what causes the distinction between what's trash that needs to be thrown out, what needs to be put away for later and what should be treasured and displayed as a trophy on a shelf is up to the individual and can change over time. ever since i was a kid, i've developed deep emotional attachments to the things i end up owning and it used to be very hard for me to get rid of anything. i would stash packaging i thought was cool behind my nightstand until it began to spill out the sides and my grandma made me throw it all away. whatever i couldn't decide to part with was placed lovingly in baskets and bins and stowed away under the bed because i was lucky enough to have a bedframe with space to hide my secrets. since that time i've gotten a lot better at knowing what sparks joy and what's unnecessary, especially after the few weeks spent decluttering my childhood memories from my grandma's house after i moved out. i'm at a happy middle ground where i think it's okay to hoard comfort objects and curios within my space and the things i'm surrounded by daily impact my art in a big way. tiny details, bright colors and moving objects are absolutely necessary and my adhd brain is constantly hungry for visual and tactile stimulation. 

this is my explanation, i guess, for why my art and style is this way and i hope im reaching someone out there who's the same :)
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