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meet blister.


blister was born one clear summer night in my kitchen. it was an ambitious, quick and messy art making binge, exactly as feral as it sounds. i nearly completed her in a single night, the next day painting on resin coating and running to target to buy the cheapest fake lashes i could find. she is the love child of polymer clay, acrylic paint and a  very large old metal mug bought at South Tacoma Antique Mall. who trusted me to operate an oven in this state of mind? nobody else but me, baby. and once i brought her into the world she became unstoppable.

blister2 (2).png

blister has bandaids and boils

blister3 (2).png

cat frends (4).gif

i began scouring antique shops, goodwills and my own inventory of items for anything i could transform into a blister - made of metal, terracotta or really anything i could sculpt clay on and bake in my oven without setting off my smoke alarm. i needed more. i contemplated how well my own metal soup cans would work. soda cans? a couple weeks ago i had to google if it was safe to put a license plate in the oven. unclear answers from google. i did it anyhow.

devil1 (2).png

this one is a lesbian

i had been using a lot of the blisters i made as pots for my plants, which they are really awesome for (as an outside decorative pot, that is, because drainage is important - i learned that the hard way).

but plants are temporary. clay is forever, as far as i'm concerned. i had to obviously create some clay plants is what im saying.

i had to use wire to connect the leaves and stems together and a block of floral foam holding it all down inside, followed by a layer of clay painted brown with perlite i had glued down to resemble dirt and then, finally, a single  chopstick for support. overall, very fragile piece that was a pain to make, i think, and i wouldn't do it again for a while.


gifted to a friend, and it ended up as a wonderful home for a small snake plant.

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